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Superbubble is a simple framework to understand incredible changes happening to the world's financial system.

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Superbubble is a visual guide to extreme shifts happening in the world's financial systems. Things are changing at incredible speed – economically, culturally, and technologically. Many individuals and institutions can't keep up.

The aim is to help retail investors understand these changes – which we call megatrends: long-term macroeconomic forces that transform economies and societies.

Key megatrends transform human behavior and beliefs in ways that are not always obvious … So instead of trying to predict the future, Superbubble aims to:

  1. gain an accurate picture of what is really happening economically
  2. present this as clearly as possible – so you can see the big trends

For investors, the benefits of being able to accurately spot trends early – and the opportunities within them – are enormous. Getting it wrong could spell ruin.

But it is difficult. Megatrends can be very hard to see.

Especially now as low-quality information is fire-hosed at us from every outlet.

How it works

Superbubble is built on the belief that the changes happening to the global monetary system can be understood by anyone, even non-credentialed financial outsiders — like me.

A simple, accurate, – economic framework can help investors make informed choices on where to allocate capital in an environment that can look chaotic and bewildering.

To do this we use a four-step structure – to see and understand emerging patterns of change, that gives us clues about what could happen in the future.

The Four Questions

The Superbubble framework is a simple way to help anyone understand four key questions:

1. Where are we?

The major economic megatrends shaping society, and the opportunities these trends create.

2. How did we get here?

The dangers and problems that prevent these opportunities being unlocked.

3. Where are we going?

Investable solutions to those problems, and catalysts that make ‘now’ the time to act.

4. How do we get there?

The key mechanisms that will define the post-Superbubble future.

The Superbubble framework:

1. Where are we?

An 80-year Western sovereign debt Superbubble is popping, shifting the world to a new global monetary order. This transition is creating huge transfers of wealth, and new sets of economic winners and losers.

Key post:

Make Europe Poor
Absurd trade policies push Europe into economic decline.

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2. How we got here:

A little economic history is crucial to understanding our unstable and unsustainable economic situation. Few investors are interested in economic history, so I distill what matters into a compelling, actionable narrative.

Key Post:
🖝 Back to the Future

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3. Where are we going?

The world is getting real. Get real means correcting the overvaluation of Western financial 'paper' assets', and the undervalution of the world's commodities and natural resources.

Key post:
🖝 Central Banks are Buying Gold

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4. How do we get there?

This is where we get up to date and tracking the triggers and catalysts for the transition to an emerging global economic order.

Key post:
🖝 Get Real

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