My task is to be the #1 simplifier of:

  1. the end of the current international monetary system, and
  2. the transition to something new.

I do this so people like me (not financial insiders or economic PhDs) can easily see the overall direction of events, and make whatever decisions they see fit.

I aim to create and simple framework so that 'normal people' can understand the wave of political, cultural and economic strife besetting the planet. The key ideas are:

  • the next global financial crisis is well underway.
  • this crisis will end the US dollar’s role as world reserve currency.
  • the outlines of the post-US dollar global economic system are becoming clear.
  • there are reasons to be optimistic about these changes.

I have zero official credentials in geopolitics, macroeconomics or related fields. I am not a Ph.D. economist, a financial insider, or a retired central banker.

You cannot rely on my reputation, track record, or job-title, so you are going to have to use your brain. Sorry. I aim to make it worth it. You will see that the Superbubble story makes more sense than what is offered by more established sources.

I write the story to test its truth. As humans, we are easily deluded and seek confirmation for our beliefs, so time will be the best test for the accuracy of this narrative.

Some Sources

I learn from those more experienced and better educated than me. Among them:

Adam FergussonAnu BradfordAdam le BorAhamed Liaquat Another/FOAAlan GreenspanBenn SteilCharles P. Kindleberger David GraeberDr Zhou XiaochuanEdward LuceFOFOAGrant WilliamsHarald MalmgrenHenry KissingerIrving FischerJames RickardsJaques RueffJeff SniderJelle ZijlstraJohn Kenneth GalbraithLuke GromenMortymerNiall FergusonNomi PrinsQiao Liang •  Ray DalioRonan ManlyRichard DuncanRichard WernerRussell NapierSergei GlazevHalford MackinderStephanie KeltonVictor the CleanerYanis VaroufakisWikiLeaksWilliam EngdahlZbigniew Brzezinski

There are a few people you might not like and a few crackpots on the list. Do nor infer support of any views or actions contained there.


This list does not imply support of any views or actions. Nor does it mean that any person listed would endorse my views.


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