Superbubble information products are getting excellent reviews:

“Having recently discovered the SB blog and videos I have found them absolutely absorbing. Refreshingly simple and easy to understand they are a jargon busting introduction to a world of intrigue and skullduggery which unfortunately seems to be all too real.”
Brendan G, Spain

“As someone who’s not a financial person, I find Superbubble to be an incredible resource. From the website to the videos to the e-book to the newsletters, I’ve come to see and understand the current global financial system in a way I never have before. For me, this is all about perspective and information. Yet I really appreciate the direct and straightforward language and graphics, both of which keep what could be complex quite simple and even playful. It’s not just easy to read, it’s fun to read.”
Justin M, Germany

“I was fortunate enough to rise from very humble beginnings to millionaire status in my 30s, and consider myself to be financially literate. Countless hours spent self educating on investment related topics. Nonetheless, I found this e-book to clearly stand out from the crowd.

It is an extremely valuable educational resource. It prompted me to make a number of immediate changes in my current portfolio. I even printed it out so as to share with my son! Schools certainly don’t cover this information…

The writing style is highly accessible and the use of visuals makes even the most complex topic readily understandable.

Strongly recommended for all those looking to understand the big picture and use this knowledge to inform their personal investment strategies.”
J.S, Abu Dhabi


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