WTF is a Superbubble?

A simple way to understand crazy changes to the global currency system … As it falls apart.

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The world monetary system has two huge problems:

  • the US dollar is hugely overvalued and,
  • physical gold is hugely undervalued.

That might sound trivial. But these skewed valuations contribute to much of the political and economic chaos, and war through the last few decades.

The chaos will get crazier until these unsustainable valuations are corrected.

Humongous, unpayable debts cannot be paid. So must be written off, triggering a financial crisis.

There is more debt now than at any time in human history, so expect the biggest crisis in human history.

Sadly – for many people – this will be chaotic, confusing and terrifying. The worst time of their lives.

I call the US dollar-based international currency system a 'Superbubble'.

This system relies on ever-increasing amounts of US debt being exported to the rest of the world.

Or it collapses. And that collapse is what’s happening now.

The chart above shows that the US debt load began increasing exponentially after 1971. It also shows that in 2008 the world financial system almost collapsed. And 12 years later the debt load is much worse.

Any slowdown in debt expansion could crash the global economy. A system that crashes without constant growth is not sustainable.

Illustration. You are inside the Superbubble looking out

Exiting the system.

Superbubble is for those who don’t want to read lengthy tomes about economic history and the failure of currency systems. It's pretty boring and most people don't have time.  

Most people cannot see what is coming, so cannot take appropriate action.

This is partly because the financial media – elite and alternative – are failing totally. They do a terrible job of showing people what is happening in plain sight. They failed in 2008 and they are failing again.

Superbubble changes that.

My task is to help ordinary people understand what is happening, so they can take whatever action they see fit

So I cover the ongoing situations as simply as I can. To help you exit a baffling system that very few fully understand.

Superbubble is the crazy story of our dysfunctional currency system, how it ends, and what happens next.

I aim to make this the simplest, most accurate way to see the future  of the global economy.

You don’t need to believe or not believe the Superbubble story.

Superbubble is not investment advice.

It will give you a clear idea of how the global currency system is breaking down.

My aim is not persuade, just state the case as simply as I can, leaving you to take whatever action you deem fit.

The clock is ticking. The fuse has been lit.

Gradually, then suddenly.

A phase of the slow-motion US dollar crisis started on September 16th 2019. It will accelerate.

Behinds closed doors, some of the world’s financial giants* have been planning for the end of the US dollar system for decades.

That time is now.

Superbubble is what you need to know about failure of the global monetary system. And what you can do.

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