Financial Jargon Designed to Confuse You

Wall Street nonsense makes them rich and you not rich.

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The US stock market fell last week. The biggest fall since 2008.

Here’s a prediction of what could happen next:

“Dealer short gamma hedging into the down trade, mechanical systematic deleveraging and dynamic shorting of Futures now are at risk of a “turn,” as Equities downside / VIX upsides hedges are increasingly likely to be monetized, creating violently “squeezy” flows in the Equities market which has recently been purged.”

It made me laugh. Did you understand any of it?

Read it again.

Read it aloud.

The quote is from Nomura’s Charlie McElligott. Nomura is a global bank deemed ‘too big to fail’.

Most people sense we have a rigged, unstable global financial system, but there is also hope that *someone* competent is in charge.

Sadly, that is not true.

Jeff Snider is the leading expert on the hidden plumbing backing the dollar-based international financial system. He says:

“Nobody knows. No-one really understands the system as it actually works. And that includes policy-makers.”


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