A Short, Sharp Guide to the Collapse of the Global Currency System

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The next global debt crisis will confuse and terrify millions of people.

You don’t have to be one of them.

To avoid that, you’ll have to understand a few basic things about the international monetary system – as it staggers toward collapse.

Don’t Panic is your introduction to the next global debt crisis.

Expect the biggest financial shitshow in human history. It has to be. Because there is more debt now than at any point in human history. 

And most of that debt cannot, and will not, be paid back.

2020 has been pretty nuts so far. But I am ready to bet that coronavirus won’t be the biggest story when look back at 2020.

Major trouble is brewing in the plumbing of the dollar system. But you already knew that, right?

The clock is ticking. The time is now.

Superbubble is your short cut.

It gives you an overview of:

• where we are,
• how we got here, and
• what happens next.

There are 17.4 zillion published books on monetary systems and finance. You can and should learn from as many as possible. But that takes time and energy.

I know, because I did it. And because I did it, you don’t have to.

(I’m not saying I read all 17.4 zillion finance books, I just read enough, and spoke to enough of the right people, to make myself the best simplifier of the next global financial crisis around.)

Instead of spending thousands of hours of your life geeking out, you’re better off investing in the Superbubble Don’t Panic mini-course.

What you need to know is boiled down to easily digestible factoids you can consume on the go.

Superbubble is your first step towards useful, practical knowledge. After that, your next action steps will be easy and obvious. (Remember: nothing I say or write or do or think should be considered investment advice).

Don’t worry. I did my homework. For those who want to dig deeper, there are links and references to more authoritative sources of information.

Why you need Superbubble.

Across the western world, people are confused. Many are broke.

And it’s not just individuals: institutions and entire nations are finding they are much poorer than expected.

So everyone’s angry.

The situation is complex. Sadly confused, broke, angry people are bad at navigating complex situations.

Superbubble exists to make the transition to a new global monetary system simple, accessible, and easy to follow.

So what the fuck is going on?

The global financial system is breaking down.

This system is based on purely abstract credit tokens called ‘US dollars’.

This is very shaky foundation. US dollars can be typed or printed or loaned into existence almost infinitely.

So the value of a US dollar depends on FAITH in – and FEAR of – the US government.

The faith is gone.

And the fear is going away. Fast.

A few years ago, the rest of the world stopped accumulating dollar-based credit.

When the amount of US dollar credit does not increase, the entire system can only collapse.

This system is inherently unstable and almost crashes every few years. It nearly collapsed in 1929, 1968, 1971, 1998 and 2008.

Superbubble shows you why it is about to collapse *for real* this time.

A tectonic shift in the global currency system is well underway.

A massive transfer of wealth and power from west to east. From the Anglo (deficit) nations, to Eurasian, (surplus) nations.

The United States’ main economic and political rivals have quietly built an alternate monetary order, to take over after the international dollar collapses under its’ own weight.

This is not being talked about plainly or accurately by most elite-media and financial media.

They waste our time with nonsense while disaster looms.

They failed to tell you anything useful before the great financial crisis of 2008.

And they are failing again.

This time, they’re not helping ordinary people understand and prepare for the next global debt crisis.

Superbubble changes that.

It makes a big, complex subject simple enough for anyone to understand.

Superbubble shows how the international dollar system has entered its final phase, and that ongoing credit creation covers a massive transfer of wealth from west to east.

Winners and losers.

Across the English-speaking world, experts, pundits, academics and mainstream economists agree:

The consensus is that the international US dollar system has decades left to run.

They use phrases like the US dollar is the ‘cleanest dirty shirt’ and the ‘best horse in the glue factory’.

These analogies are useless.

Maybe they soothe addled minds in Wall Street and the City of London.

Places where the world’s leading frauds and wealth-extractors call themselves ‘Masters of the Universe’. They believe there are no credible threats to dollar supremacy.

Superbubble puts this idea in the dustbin.

Whatever problems other nations have, those nations do not issue the world’s reserve currency. They do not have as far to fall.

Why the fuck would you take financial advice from me?

A. You shouldn’t.

I have no official credentials in geopolitics, macroeconomics or related fields. I am not a Ph.D. economist, a Wall Street Insider, or a retired central banker.

As you cannot rely on my reputation, track record, or job-title, you will have to use your brain to see if the story makes sense.

I was very fortunate to learn from old world, financial giants who provided an amazingly useful and valuable lens to view the world economy. I write more on this in the Superbubble book.

B. You cannot.

You cannot take financial advice from me, because this is not financial advice.

Superbubble is a story. It is obviously the best and simplest way to understand the international momentary system. That opinion is based on the evidence I see.

The clues are everywhere, but no-one has put them together for you in ways that straightforward and entertaining.

Right wing beliefs won’t help you. Left wing beliefs won’t help you. Some of you have too much political and intellectual baggage to fully engage.

That’s fine.

If you are unable to put your political luggage aside, let me know and I will give a full refund. 100%. That’s a guarantee.

What you get.

You probably want to know what you receive for the minuscule amount of currency units this course costs (before the price increases).

A 54 page illustrated ebook.

To understand the US dollar Superbubble you have to look at some economic history. You probably don’t want to look at economic history, so that’s why I tell the story in ebook full of illustrated factoids.

There are pictures on every spread so you will barely know you are reading a book. Cartoonish images will trick your brain into absorbing crucial knowledge with minimal effort.

Here are some sample pages:

Most people don’t care about financial systems and monetary history.

That’s sensible.

Not giving a shit is a great strategy 99% of the time, when monetary systems are stable and everything works.

But not giving a shit is a terrible strategy on the rare occasions monetary systems fail.

That is what is happening now.

Are you ready to exit a failing system?

After scrolling through the ebook you will be an expert on the key economic events that led to the next financial crash.

Time is short. What you need to know is distilled into simple factoids you can consume on the go.

Superbubble is so easy to consume you will barely notice you are becoming very knowledgeable on the most important and interesting story happening on the planet.

You can then calmly take whatever action you see fit – as all the world loses its mind.

If you want that, click the link below.

Thanks for reading.

x C x

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