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Header image. First word: BUY. Second word: ????

This information product contains two words in a plain text document.

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Two words might not seem like a lot, but they may well be the greatest bargain in the history of financial publishing.

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90% of what you read in the financial news is total garbage. It is designed to confuse and baffle you. To keep you locked into a failed system. That system is based on the US dollar as world reserve currency.

And it is falling apart.

Quietly, in the background, faith in US dollar-based debt has collapsed. This is not being reported accurately or in ways that ordinary people can understand. You can read more about it here and here.


Central banks are the major players in the global currency game. Like it or not, they decide what most people use as money. Their actions show that a choice has been made. Their actions – and their balance sheets – show that physical gold will replace the US dollar at the core of the world's financial system.

Not Bitcoin.

Not seashells.

And not beanie-babies either.

The two words in this document can make you ready for that transition. 


For gold to function at the heart of the global financial system, its price must be higher.

Much higher. Multiples of what it is today.

Some ridiculous number.

You will not believe the size of the number until it actually happens. The number is so big, you'd think I'm a nutcase if I typed it here.

You would laugh out loud and try to have me incarcerated.

Gold is the only undervalued major asset class on the planet. I go into why that is, and how it happened in other information products.


Obviously, the digital product advertised here has an extremely high dollar value. I posted it on Gumroad, but Gumroad won't allow me to sell it for more than 5,000 USD.

Bad news for me. Great news for you.

So click the link buy the product, and thank Gumroad for the most incredible bargain of your life.


I hear people bleating and braying:

“wHat aBoUt bITcOiN?!?”

Bitcoin will look great until the CCP and USG and EU move against it for "your protection'.

I'll probably get around to writing about how easy it will for major central banks to frighten people away from Bitcoin. But not today. And by the time I do, who knows what the fuck could have happened.


For a small extra fee (1 000 USD) I will send you an exclamation mark.

You can then copy/paste the exclamation mark at the end of the second word (to replace the full stop).

This add-on makes the product more valuable by creating a sense of urgency. This urgency increases the likelihood that you will act before it’s too late.


This is NOT financial advice. When you read the two words together you might think it looks a lot like investment advice, but that would not be correct.

Remember: I have no official credentials in finance or central banking or making shadowy deals with corrupt elites. You would be unwise to take investment advice from me.

Thank you for your attention.

Cathal Connaughton

For those unable to afford this product, I created a cheaper, but even more valuable option. This illustratated ebook contain cartoon-like images and a few thousand words. It will be extremely useful to you in preparing for the end of the international US dollar-based financial system.

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