How to not freak out during the next financial crisis.
A simple guide.


The global currency system is breaking down. You probably don't know much, or care much about it now. But that will change. And quickly.

To keep it simple, we'll start with two obvious problems:

1. You are confused.
You know things are bad economically, but most coverage is boring and hard to follow. 

2. The world is broke.
We are fast approaching a huge debt crisis. Maybe the biggest in human history.


Superbubble is a simple guide to our dysfunctional currency system, how it ends, and what happens next. There are three key phases:

The world is broke and people are angry. We can call this populism. This populism is strongly linked to inequality and unpayable debt.

We are approaching a massive debt crisis. Much of this debt is in US dollars. The next crisis will ultimately be an international dollar crisis.

Don't panic. There are reasons to be optimistic. Superbubble looks at signs that a new, better monetary system has already been built.

Understand the US dollar Superbubble, and the next few years will make a lot more sense. There will be an ebook and some kind of video course featuring me talking, making the crisis very accessible.


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